Why Us

Online Quran Teacher

Selection Standards for Each of Online Quran Teacher
  • Strict education, religious and ethical standards are followed. Selection standards in outline are as under:-
  •  Selection done by Board of Directors
  •  Bachelors degree holder.
  •  Hafiz-e-Quran.
  •  Spoken English and Arabic.
  •  Sound Family Background.
  •  Higher motivation level.
  •  Good intellect.

Online Quran Tutors

Training of online Quran tutors at our Academy
  • Each Quran tutor is imparted training at ongoing basis adopting systematic approach as under:-
  •  In-House discussions / lectures.
  •  Seminars at various levels.
  •  Training workshops.
  •  Monitoring while teaching Quran.
  •  Special assignments.
  •  Allowing monitoring of each others.
  •  Preparing routine lesson plans.

Online Quran Teacher

Monitoring and Evaluation of the Online Quran Teacher
  • Performance of the Quran tutors is monitored systematically though a defined manner as under:- -
  •  Through students performance.
  •  Parents feed back.
  •  Yearly tutor's evaluation report.
  •  Monitoring while teaching Quran.
  •  Punctuality and discipline.
  •  Implementing Academy guidelines.
  •  Dedication to the work.