IReadQuran Conducts Online Quran Classes.

The current classes are 

  1. Quran Nazra: Start at Yasr-ul-Quran and continue to read Quran until end. These classes are normally for School going children.  Preliminary Tajweed rules are also taught.
  1. Quran Tajweed: The people who already have read Holy Quran would like to improve their reciting and want to learnTajweed; this class is for them.
  1. Quran Tafseer: Tafseer-e-Quran is discussed on daily basis.  We have many housewives who have enrolled inTajweed and Tafseer classes.  The one month cost of learning Quran is less than the cost of one family lunch.
  1. Hifz-e-Quran: Currently we have four students learning Quran by heart.  We do appreciate those kids who are determined to keep up with Hifz and their regular School studies.

  2. Arabic language course: Arabic grammar  and speaking course,

  3. Islamic Fiq Course: Islamic laws and Islamic studies complete course
Apart from Quran, we also teach, on daily basis
  1. General Knowledge of Islam
  2. General Information about Salat / Namaz
  3. Kalma & Dua . We make students to memorize necessary
  4. Namaz / Salat . We ensure the students learn how to say their prayers correctly.